Happy children listening to story, Oakville

Oakville – All About Children

Year after year, Oakville is rated one of the top three best cities in Canada to raise children. Families with kids make up over half of Oakville’s population, while almost a quarter of the total population is less than fifteen years of age. And there are many aspects that make this region extra kid-friendly.

Let’s start with the superior schooling opportunities. As touched on in previously posted articles, Oakville is part of the Halton region; therefore, the town is served by both the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board. In addition to the renowned public schools, Oakville residents have access to independent preschools, elementary and high schools. Oakville’s E. J. James Public School, Munns Public School, St Luke Catholic School, Appleby College (independent), and Joshua Creek Public School — just to name a few — have been ranked some of the best schools province-wide. (There are 26 ranked public elementary schools in Oakville).

Oakville’s incredible educational opportunities do not end after high school. Sheridan College is one of the most notable post-secondary education facilities within Canada; its animation and gaming programs rank among the top twenty arts schools in the world.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start talking about wedding venues in Oakville, let’s backtrack to the plentiful after school and weekend activities for children. In addition to the Minor Oaks Hockey Association (MOHA), the Oakville Soccer Club (OSC), and The Oakville Gymnastics Club (OGC), which we talked about in our Recreation Blog, there’s also dance studios, over 15 martial art practices (try Classical Martial Arts Centre), and Scout’s Canada. If the latter—filled with leadership opportunities and outdoor adventure—is calling your name, also check out the Girl Guides of Canada, where you can find the closest unit to your new home in Oakville!

While spring has been teasing us with its warm rays of the sun, it’s also a reminder that summer is just around the corner and camps are already getting filled up! Whether it’s at Oakville’s YMCA, which offers everything from golf and horseback riding to cooking, the over 50 camps at Appleby, or the abundance of sports, dance, and art camps in community spaces, it’s time to get looking and booking! Here’s a guide to everything the town of Oakville has to offer – we’ve got our eyes on “skateboard and swim” program at the Kinoak Arena!